Shaun Young and The 3 Ringers

Shaun Young and The 3 Ringers,

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Shaun Young and The 3 Ringers hail from Austin Texas. The band consists of members of some of the best know and most celebrated US rockabilly bands to have emerged since the 50s. It’s more than likely that you have seen Shaun young – vocals and guitar, Tjarko Jeen – guitar, Todd Wulfmeyer – bass and Bobby Trimble – drums on stage somewhere, sometime if you’re into rockabilly at all. Their resumes include High Noon, Big Sandy and the Fly-Rite Trio, Ronnie Dawson, Marti Brom, The Bellfuries , The Modern Don Juans, The Dave And Deke Combo, The Planet Rockers and Kim Lenz and that’s just the rockabilly acts they’re associated with. Individually but also often as a team the guys have backed up just about every original 50s artist that has reemerged on the scene and that versatility, flexibility and experience shows up in their music, sound and individual styles. The music is not just rockabilly or 50s Rock and roll. Being from Texas other influences can’t help but sneak in. The guys play their fair share of honky tonk and country shuffles and the blues is never far away. The band prides itself in mainly playing original material – with someone like Shaun Young as renowned for his songwriting as his singing a no brainer of course – but doesn’t shy away from playing a few well chosen covers either more often than not with a Texas connection.  A debut 45 is currently out on Ruby records and there are plans to put out a full length in the near future.”