Smokestack lightnin’

Vrijdag 21 Februari


Zaal open 20:00 uur.

Voor de kenners!  deze band heeft over de hele wereld gespeeld.


Smokestack Lightnin’.

The Nuremberg located band has been playing the venues of the world with never ending power and passion for years now, giving their audience an understanding of the old fashioned genre ‘country’ by wrapping it up in sex appeal and coolness.


But is it really just country music? Calling their distinct sound ‘Americana’ would certainly be more adequate for they are mixing up rhythm ’n’ blues, 60’s soul, country, folk and of course some good old rock ’n’ roll music. Due to close friendships in the music capital Nashville, TN (USA), these four Franconians were able to inhale the city’s prevalent spirit. The results of this musical inhalation are best experienced in dusty and sweaty live clubs far from shiny mainstream venues.

Smokestack Lightnin’ pay homage to the heyday of American 50’s to 70’s music, celebrating roots music and alternative country unlike any other band.