The Hoodoo Tones Rockabilly (FR)

Donderdag 8 juni 



The Hoodoo Tones are a
rockabilly and rock n’ roll
trio, founded in 2013 in the
North of France. Few groups
can claim to have truly
‘earned their spurs,’ but with
rousing concerts in bars,
music halls, and other venues,
Julian (drums), Ben (double
bass), and Kevin (guitar and
vocals) have forged experience
that adds an explosive quality
to their music, especially
when enjoyed live. On stage,
the group offers original
compositions inspired by the
pioneers of rock n’ roll, as
well as by cinema and the band
members’ personal lives.
Having released their premier
album, Confessions of a Loner,
with Rhythm Bomb Records
(Germany, England, U.S.) in
2016, the group is currently
working on their second opus,
which will be “Rock n’ Roll”
at all costs!