We Bless This Mess en Oclaire.

Eerste pinksterdag bieden wij deze twee optredens aan:

Gratis Entree.


We Bless This Mess is een solo project. De “project manager” is Nelson Graf Reis uit Portugal. Maar het lijkt dat het project We Bless This Mess steeds weer andere artiesten aantrekt. Zo tourt Nelson nu samen met de Duitse sing and songwriter Oclaire door Europa.


“”There is nothing complicated about his sound, and one could argue that is the power of folk. Music made with no pretence, communicating directly with whoever’s listening. And We Bless This Mess’ message packs quite a punch. A positive, make-life-simple-and-enjoy-the-moment manifesto that is powerfully alluring as it speaks directly to a less complicated being that exists in all of us.

Nelson is a tattoo artist and songwriter who comes from Porto, one of Portugal’s culturally richest cities. He belongs on the punk rock circuit and that plays a major role in the “less is more” philosophy that permeates his act. He was selected to represent Portugal at Eurosonic Noorderslag 2017 and one can’t help but think that he’ll go a lot farther with the positive vibe that emanates from his new album Volume 1. We Bless This Mess’ philosophy might be simple, but it really seems to be unstoppable.””