Information (English)

Since we started PeTiCantus we have noticed that music-minded people from all over the world are interested in our website. To explain what PeTiCantus means, what we’re doing and why we’re doing it, we decided to make an English intro. We hope that you find our website informative.

PeTiCantus started in May 2005 by two Dutch “music enthusiasts”:

( Pe )ter Schaper born in Blokker, living in Zwaag, a place near Hoorn (and Amsterdam ) ,has been busy and interested in music for many years. He visits as many concerts as possible, also having organized several musical events. He’s one of the initiators of The Beatlesmonument in Blokker, helping bring it to realization in 1999, and has organized many events arround this monument through the years.

( Ti )m Knol was born in Hoorn and currently resides in Amsterdam, and also busy in music for a while. Tim is having his own bands ” The Tim Knol Band” and “The Miseries” and visits as many (or possibly more) concerts as Peter. He’s is also maintains the PeTiCantus website. In 2010 Christiaan Mulder, the owner of Het Huis verLoren, became the third member of our foundation.

The word ‘Cantus’ in PeTiCantus is a Latin word wich means music, finishing the history behind the name PeTiCantus. When read differently, using the French word ‘petit’ it can also mean ‘small music’. This can also be true of our events, as they are held in the beautiful and characteristed old building “Het Huis verLoren” in Hoorn. In this lovely old building the events have an intimate feel to them, with a capicity to welcome 100 music-minded guests.

PeTiCantus is a non-profit foundation, our most important goal is to allow people, and musicians, to enjoy music without commercial intentions.

From the moment we started, PeTiCantus has drawn a lot of interest in our initiative. In October 2005, Kevn Kinney and Gibb Droll were our artists, giving us a great start and an evening wich we’ll never forget. Many other artists played at our venue in the last 10 years, you can see the names in our ‘Hall of Fame” at the website.

In the following years many interesting and special events will take place in Hoorn at Het Huis Verloren. We’re certain that PeTiCantus will continue to prove itself a viable enterprise. Hoorn is one of THE places in the north of Holland where to go when you want to hear music that’s made from the heart.

With musical regards,

Peter, Tim and Christiaan